Gaseous v0.2.0

Created by josh
August 31, 2020 2:25:53 PM PDT

The next minor release, Gaseous v0.2.0, introduces some new features:

- File uploader for admins. This allows files to be uploaded to the upload root, which used to be restricted to CK Editor uploads only. File uploads primarily went through CK Editor as its backend image/file upload service, but has been expanded for standalone uploads in this new panel.

- CK Editor now uses two different backend services for uploads. Originally, it just supported images for img src links, without accounting for linking uploads through the Edit Hyperlink functionality.

- For both of the new features above, there is a new setting for restricting allowed file extensions. This is aggregated with the built-in allowed settings, which include a handful of image types. By default, the extensions allowed (in addition to the allowed image extensions from before) include doc, docx, pdf, and txt.

- Users now have an account management option available. This allows the user to change their own first name, last name, email address, and password. Token-based logins, upon successful validation, redirect users to this page to encourage the user to change their password without the need to fill in their current (presumably forgotten) one.


Installations starting at this version will see the new file_uploader admin panel enabled for administrators by default. However, if you are updating to this version, you will need to enable this to a role of your choice in the /admin/settings panel. New installations will see Log Out and Account Settings links in the bottom-right of the footer.