Basic Settings

Created by josh
July 25, 2020 7:12:39 AM PDT

To modify the site settings on /admin/settings/, the user must be associated with a role that has Edit Settings enabled.

Here are some types of settings an administrator will be able to maintain:

Boolean Settings

Some settings on the site are controlled by a True or False option, such as forcing HTTPS redirect or enabling Maintenance Mode. Some boolean settings are even role based, where when True, only becomes true for the specified role. For example, the ability to edit settings is a feature that is turned on or off. To narrow down the types of users that have access to it, a list of checkboxes representing each role for the site is displayed beneath the True/False radio option.

Text Field Settings

Settings can also be free-text as a way to provide a specific value for a configuration. For example, the site title and canonicalized URL are settings which require a free-text value.

Advanced Code-based Settings

In some cases, CodeMirror is presented as a medium to modify site settings, such as the main template or the robots.txt file output. This gives a better UI experience when dealing with multiple lines of code.