Creating a New Menu Item

Created by josh
July 28, 2020 6:28:05 PM PDT (Revised July 28, 2020 6:28:32 PM PDT )

Once on the /admin/menu/ page, you can create a new menu item by filling out the main form on the top left. First, create a label for the menu button. In the next step, choose a destination URI from the site (note - the page to be linked via the menu must already exist on the site). The next set of fields are optional, and prefilled with the recommended options. If a specific menu button should diverge from the declared styles of the menu, custom classes can be added in the last field. When the Create Menu Link button is clicked, the page refreshes and its relationship to other menu items are seen on the right. If the site is configured to show the menu (as it is by default), the button will be visible in respect to the template's positioning of it.

In order to manage the site menu, the user must be associated with the role with the setting enabled called Edit Menu.