Modifying the Site Menu

Created by josh
July 28, 2020 6:33:15 PM PDT (Revised July 28, 2020 6:33:31 PM PDT )

Once menu items are present on the site, they can be modified in a couple different ways. The dotted box on the top-right presents a drag/drop feature, to reorder the menu and even nest it beneath other menu items to establish a hierarchy.

The table at the bottom of the page lists each of the menu items and their properties. From there, the label, destination, behaviors and custom class overrides may be modified. The menu item cannot be removed from this section, but instead, can be removed from clicking the X icon in the drag/drop region.

Just like creating a menu item, in order to manage the site menu, the user must be associated with the role with the setting enabled called Edit Menu.